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Study ranks Arizona No. 1 in strict DUI laws

According to a new study, no state in America has DUI laws that are more strict than those in Arizona. The state ranked out at No. 1 when all 50 states and Washington D.C. were considered.

The study used a total of 15 different metrics to decide where the states ranked. Things considered included the use of ignition interlock devices, fines handed out, minimum jail sentences, and things of this nature. States were then ranked in individual categories before being ranked overall.

Can police legally eavesdrop?

It's very important for the police to follow all procedures and respect your civil rights when making a drug bust. Sometimes, in their haste to make arrests, however, this doesn't happen.

Perhaps you were arrested, and police had a warrant based on things that you'd said. They legally entered your house with a warrant, but now you're wondering if they violated your rights before that by eavesdropping without your permission.

Are you prepared for the financial fallout of a DUI?

One of the most punishing aspects to a drunk driving charge is the financial hit that the accused person takes in the wake of the charge. The jail time and the court penalties are important factors too -- but the financial hardship that people with a DUI often endure can cause far more stress and anxiety than any legal punishment.

Let's look at some of the many different financial penalties a person with a DUI has to deal with after a drunk driving arrest:

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