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A conviction for assault can change your life. A criminal record will limit your opportunities when it comes to education, employment and your personal life.

For those reasons, clients from throughout the Old Pueblo, Arizona, area come to see me, Tucson assault defense attorney James Standring. They know I can help.

To provide you with superior legal services, I work with you personally. From start to finish, I handle your case, not a lawyer-in-training.

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I know you are looking for someone to speak plainly to you about your case, your chances of success and what you should do. I take a personalized approach to the law so I can provide you with the kind of legal guidance you want with regard to assault and battery, aggravated assault and other charges.

I have more than 15 years of experience as an attorney. You will be able to rely on my advice confidently, knowing I am drawing on the seasoned legal judgment I have gained in over those years. Even in those situations where the law may be unclear or the facts more complicated than normal, I will know how to advise you wisely.

Further, I help you gain a realistic understanding of your options. Whether I advise you to negotiate for a lesser plea or to protect your rights at trial, you will know I am being frank with you as to which options give you your best chance for success.

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