Protecting Your Child's Future

If your child is facing charges for being a minor in possession of drugs and alcohol, then your child's future is at risk. I know your child's career and education may be at stake.

You do not have to let a youthful mistake ruin your child's chances for success, though. My name is attorney Jim Standring, and I can help you protect your child's future.

Personalized Assistance From An Experienced Lawyer

For more than 15 years, I have assisted people with some of their most personal problems. As a result, I have the seasoned legal judgment people rely on from throughout the Tucson, Arizona, area. Whether your child's case is straightforward or complicated, I know how to advise you and your child intelligently and wisely.

Further, I deliver that dependable legal judgment in a personalized manner. When you hire me, you work with me, not a lawyer-in-training. When you call my firm, you speak to me, not an automated answering service.

That level of personalized legal service enables me to customize my advice to you and your child. I get to know your child, the facts of their case and the nature of their legal needs.

If those needs include a need for rehabilitation and counseling services, I can also help. We will work together to find the resources you and your child need to move forward with your lives.

Get Help For Your Child Now

Call me at 520-829-4225 to schedule your child's free initial legal consultation with me. You can also contact my office online.