You Do Have Options

For more than 15 years as a lawyer, I have assisted people needing help with difficult legal problems. My name is attorney James Standring, and I serve as a Tucson, Arizona, traffic violation lawyer for those clients facing serious traffic matters.

Too few people understand their rights in traffic cases, and you do not want to see if you can get the law right on your first try. Instead, I will help you understand all of your legal options so you can choose from those options wisely.

Experienced Legal Judgment. Personalized Service.

When you work with me, you work with an attorney committed to delivering personalized legal representation to you. My approach to success involves building a relationship with each of my clients.

That relationship allows me to understand you, the facts of your case and which legal options will best fit your needs. You will rest easier knowing you are making decisions about your future based on the judgment of an experienced legal professional.

My representation to you in traffic matters includes a variety of other circumstances such as:

  • Serious car accidents
  • Traffic citations involving criminal and civil charges
  • Damage to property
  • Excessive speeding tickets
  • Class 1 reckless driving involving jail time

Whatever your situation, you will work with me, not an attorney-in-training. When you call my office looking for help, you will speak with me, not an automated answering service.

My Clients Aren't Just Numbers

You can count on me to protect your rights when it comes to traffic-related criminal charges. Call me to schedule a free initial consultation today: 520-829-4225. You can also contact my firm by reaching out online.