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A case of shoplifting evolves into a drug bust for 2 from Tucson

It wasn't too long before 10 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 31 when some officers with the Sahuarita Police Department decided to stop into a Carl's Jr. for coffee. As they mingled nearby the fast food restaurant, they noticed an individual run out of the front door of the nearby Walmart.

The officers thought that it was odd that the individual was running from the store in direction of an awaiting car so they quickly got into their patrol cars and entered Walmart's parking lot. By then, three people had approached the awaiting car. One of the individuals, a male, was pushing a shopping cart full of items, none of which were bagged.

One of the officers began questioning the man who they had seen pushing the cart toward the car. The police report reflects that he seemed agitated. After a short while, the Tucson man admitted to having shoplifted the items from the Walmart store.

Also accompanying the man at the car was his female companion. The police officer questioning the woman asked why the two Tucson residents had come to Sahuarita Walmart as opposed to visiting one in their own city. She responded that they liked visiting the one they were at best.

In the meantime, the woman had placed her purse on top of the car. While the officer was questioning the woman, he noted drug paraphernalia was within plain view of it. It's then that the woman was asked what if she was in possession of drugs. She admitted to having heroin in her purse.

After her admission to being in possession with drugs, the woman was placed under arrest by the officers. She was later booked into the Pima County Jail.

As for her male companion, he was arrested and charged with shoplifting. It's estimated that the retail value of the items he stole was at least $900.

The third individual was not charged with any crime and claims he knew nothing about the other man's shoplifting nor the woman's possession of drugs.

If you've been charged with drug crime or theft, then you may benefit from discussing potential defense strategies you can pursue with a Tucson criminal defense attorney.

Source: Green Valley News, "Shoplifting case turns into drug bust near Walmart," Sep. 05, 2017

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