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Property crimes on the rise in Tucson

Property crimes refer to a crime that involves stealing or destroying of another person’s property. Recent reporting has found that these types of crimes are on the rise in the Tucson area.

Property crimes can apply to a number of different crimes. One of the most common types of property crimes that people may be charged with is theft.

A theft conviction can have serious consequences, including incarceration, fines and restitution. With these crimes on the rise locally, it is likely that police will become more aggressive toward possible instances of theft.

If you or someone you know is facing theft charges, it is important you have a strong strategy in place in order to protect yourself. Common methods for defending against theft may include:

  • Consent: In order for a theft to occur, the property must be taken without the owner’s consent. If the owner consents and allows you to take the property, theft likely did not occur.
  • Duress: Just because someone committed a theft does not necessarily mean they will be convicted. Sometimes, people are forced into committing a theft when they are under duress. This may apply to situations when a person is being blackmailed or is facing the threat of physical force.
  • Entrapment:If you are drawn into the crime without prior knowledge or the idea to commit the crime originated from another person, this may be ruled to be entrapment.
  • Ownership of the property: Sometimes allegations of theft are honest misunderstandings. It is possible you may have believed that you had ownership of the property that was alleged to be stolen. A good faith argument that illustrates why you believed you owned the property can be an effective means of defending against charges of theft.

No matter how minor the charges may seem, people who are facing allegations of theft should not face these charges alone. Working with a defense attorney to develop a thorough defense strategy can help ensure your rights are protected while helping you work toward achieving a better result.

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