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Domestic violence can just mean angry words were exchanged

When most people think about domestic violence, they have a very specific picture in mind. Typically, it has to do with physical contact being made, injuries that land one person in the hospital and the other person being hauled away by the police in a sea of flashing lights.

The reality, though, is that every case is different. Domestic violence charges may look nothing like you'd expect. For instance, you may never have made physical contact at all, but the words that were exchanged could lead to charges all on their own. If threats of violence were made, that may be enough for the authorities to be called.

Many experts note that physical violence is just part of the issue, and it's not even involved in every case. Other types of domestic violence they see include:

  • Abuse that is strictly verbal, such as insults and threats.
  • Isolation that cuts one person off from his or her family and friends.
  • Birth control sabotage, which could lead to an unwanted pregnancy.
  • Financial abuse, in which one partner controls the money and won't let the other person have access or the freedom that comes with it.

These are just a few examples, but the key is to understand that there are a wide range of circumstances that can lead to charges. Don't buy into the myth that domestic issues always look the same in every case, and be sure you know all of the legal options at your disposal.

Would you like to learn more about your rights if you're facing domestic violence charges? If so, our website can answer many of your most pressing questions.

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