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Police guesswork can lead to a DUI arrest

One of the most frightening things for drivers to think about is that they can be arrested even if they haven't done anything wrong. It's an unfortunate reality that people need to be aware of.

There are many reasons this happens, but one is simply that police are allowed to make the call based on what they believe happened, even if no tests prove that they are correct. They can then make an arrest and let it all get sorted out later.

For the driver, that could still mean a night in jail and a serious impact to the person's life.

Take, for instance, the young woman who accidentally crossed the center line on the way home from work. She was tired. The police thought she was drunk and pulled her over.

She cooperated and took a breath test. It cleared her, showing that her claims that she hadn't been drinking were true.

The police kept pressing. They asked her if she used other drugs, like marijuana. She insisted that she was neither drunk nor high. She'd just been at work.

The officers then decided she was lying and opted to arrest her for driving after smoking marijuana. They claimed she was showing signs of having smoked in the past.

She was cleared when drug tests showed the officers had been wrong the entire time, but it took months. She lost her license at work. She spent a night behind bars. And she'd never broken the law.

If this happens to you, it's critical that you know your legal rights and all of the options you have. Trust the law to protect you when the authorities make a mistake.

Source: Huffington Post, "Georgia Cop Decides A Sober Woman Is High On Marijuana, Jails Her," Nick Wing, accessed Oct. 11, 2017

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